The IDERA platform

Greeting the data fabric era with proven, established technologies that optimize delivery of data from source to target; documented, defined and meaningful.

Governed access to analytical data with IDERA Data Fabric - a tooling
ecosystem to optimize the functions of Data Architecture and Data Analytics.

IDERA Data Fabric

ensures success by providing a comprehensive tooling ecosystem that optimizes the functions of Data Architecture, Data Governance, Data Analytics to ensure key deliverables including:

  • Improved efficiency & reduced cost
  • Improved security & governance
  • Improved availability
  • Reduced risk

The IDERA Data Fabric provides a unified, trusted, and comprehensive view across increasingly complex and varied data sets with a proven toolset.

This enables effective:

Fraud detection and security management,

Sales and marketing management,

Governance, risk and compliance management.

With IDERA Data Fabric

Our customers are assured a successful journey to total autonomy

IDERA’s modular infrastructure moves customers towards a semiautonomous environment with the ultimate goal of a fully automated platform that delivers data from source to destination in the most optimal manner possible.

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