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Curating the Analytics world with Data Fabric

This webcast is part of our “Data Fabric Dialogues”, a series of on-demand sessions developed to demystify Data Fabric by describing the key pillars of this concept including: design and architecture, core capabilities and benefits, operational and analytical use cases, the advantages and challenges, and more.

Making decisions on what data we could include or is even suitable for inclusion in the warehouse is a serious challenge.

We know that only a tiny percentage of our available data is being used for solid analysis.  

Making this possible for general business users needs some serious thought. Data Fabric enables business users to articulate information requirements and for architects to curate the data analytics platform, supporting the democratization of data for use by end users, analytics teams and downstream data processors..  

Join Jamie and Simon and learn how it could be done.. 

Your Hosts

Simon Spring, Operations Director | Data Strategy | Product Management

Simon Spring

Operations Director | Data Strategy | Product Management

Jamie Knowles, Senior Product Manager at Idera, Inc.

Jamie Knowles

Senior Product Manager at Idera, Inc.

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