Who benefits from Data Fabric?

Data Fabric supports meaningful data ownership and is the essential foundation for companies seeking a data-centric approach to an enterprise architecture, or that are entering the hyper-intensive data future of AI/ML, IoT, and other emerging technology.

The explosion in volume, variety, velocity and dynamic nature of data sets is presenting people with the very real challenges of:

Preventing ‘data swamps’ and delivering valuable, actionable data

Tracking shadow IT

Protecting confidential or sensitive data

Reacting quickly and with agility to market forces

Effectively managing and meeting increasingly stringent regulatory requirements

Here are just a few people that benefit

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Data Architect image

Data Architect

Data Warehouse Architect image

Data Warehouse Architect

Data Integration Engineer image

Data Integration Engineer

Database Administrator (DBA) image

Database Administrator (DBA)

Data Analyst image

Data Analyst

Data Scientist / Data Analyst image

Data Scientist / Data Analyst

Data Steward (Business) image

Data Steward (Business)

Data Steward (Technical) image

Data Steward (Technical)

Chief Data Officer image

Chief Data Officer

Data Security Architect  image

Data Security Architect

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Creating a successful Data Fabric for your Enterprise

Data industry Thought Leader, Visionary, and Practitioner, Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D., has authored this insightful paper that presents her views on creating a successful Data Fabric.

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